Pack: Eight tight-skating blockers playing offensively and defensively to assist their jammer in scoring points and/or gaining strategic advantage.

Blocker: Player charged with protecting her team’s jammer and impeding the progress of the other team’s jammer and blockers.

Pivot: (Striped Helmet) A specialized blocker that has the ability to become a jammer after a “pass the star” play has been completed successfully.

Jammer: (Star Helmet) Point Scoring skater who maneuvers through the pack, lapping the other four (or possibly five) skaters from the other team, scoring a point for each.


Two teams comprised of 14 skaters each compete in two 30 minute periods. Each period is divided up into multiple “jams”. Each jam will last a maximum of 2 minutes or until the lead jammer calls it off. It is legal to block using hips, shoulders, and rear. Players committing illegal actions are sent to the penalty box for a minimum of 30 seconds. At the end of 60 minutes of game play, the team with the most points wins the bout.

At the start of each jam, four blockers from each team line up in front of the jammer line. One jammer from each team lines up behind the blockers, or the pack, and behind the jammer line. A single whistle blows and the pack begins making both offensive and defensive plays to assist their jammer through while also holding the opposing jammer back. The jammers also begin their fight to be the first to dodge, block and speed their way through the pack and be declared lead jammer. Lead jammer status gives a skater the ability to call off the jam before two minutes have elapsed.  Initial passes through the pack determine lead jammer status and no points are scored during this time. Once each jammer breaks through on her initial pass, she is eligible to start scoring points. The jammers will score a point for each opposing player they pass legally. The jam will continue until the lead jammer calls it off or until the two minutes have expired.


Penalties are given for illegal hits, procedural mistakes, and passing other skaters out of bounds. For more precise rules and descriptions, see the official rules.