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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I need to purchase skates?

  • You will not have to purchase skates to attend recruitment. You may rent a pair at the venue for free. We suggest that you do not purchase skates specifically for recruitment as your equipment configurations my change as you learn new skills!


Will I need to purchase any protective gear, helmets or pads?

  • You are not required to purchase any equipment for recruitment. We have a collection of donated protective gear that you are always welcome to borrow. This equipment is available on a 'first come, first serve' basis and must be returned. 


Are there any fees involved in recruitment?

  • There is NO FEE to join recruitment implemented by Tragic City Rollers. Your first month of activity with the team is free.


I haven't skated in years! Should I still attend recruitment?

  • YES! We all started somewhere! The majority of all derby skaters started with no or limited skating experience. You will receive extensive, focused skills training from our dedicated beginner's coaching staff. As long as you have the determination, you'll be ready for the big track in no time. 


Will I get hit during recruitment?

  • No. You will not be hit or practice making contact in any capacity during recruitment for your safety and the safety of others. 


I don't know the rules. Will I need to learn them before I arrive?

  • It is not a requirement for recruitment but passing a rules test is part of becoming an active, rostered skater. We encourage anyone who is interested to get familiar with the basics to make sure this sport is right for you!


There are two workshops during recruitment week. Do I have to come to both? 

  • In order to get the most out of recruitment, we prefer that you come to both if possible but it is only required that you attend one recruitment workshop during a recruitment week.


Can I bring my kids?

  • Absolutely! However, there is no sitter to attend children during practices and recruitment. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are safe and not interfering with practice.


I can't make the recruitment dates, but I really want to join soon. What can I do?

  • We understand life comes first so please contact us! We'll work with you!


I used to skate with another league. Can I transfer or will I need to wait for the next recruitment?

  • If you have current WFTDA insurance and pass the minimum skills test you will more than likely enter as a transfer. Please contact us before the next recruitment so we can help you find your best option.



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