Shreddie Mercury
First Appearance
Birmingham, AL

About Shreddie...

Why did you start roller derby?
A good friend asked me to go to recruit week with her. She wasn't able to go, but I went anyway and fell in love with the sport.
Favorite food or meal?
Any dessert food
What music gets you going?
I have very varied tastes in music, but hip hop is my favorite genre.
What movies, plays or actors always grab your attention?
Amelie, Django Unchained, Jurassic Park
Tell us about some of your other hobbies!
I play several instruments, I love to dance, and sometimes I crochet.
What 3 Fictional Characters Best Describe You?!
Dorothy Zbornak, Jane Lane, Ron Weasley
Name some of your personal heroes or idols!
My mother and my daughter.