Tragic City Alumni

Tragic City would like to take a moment to honor the skaters, officials and league members that helped make TCR what it is today. While most have retired their whistles or shelved their skates, Tragic City is proud to have alumni all over the world!

Each of these ladies and gentlemen will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for your hard work, time and dedication. 




Ace of Blades
Acute Pain
Angelina Clobberina
Assault E. Senorita
belle RIGHT hooks
Berlin Maul
Birney Kawanawitz
Black Eyed Tease
Blue Skate Special
Bonnie Irate
Catty Snatch
CHARIot of Fire
Crash Test Honey
Gray Ghost
Dame Cobain
Dee Ragon
Dixie Thrash
Doc Brawlywood
Dyke Tyson
ElectroBlock Therapy
Eiffel Power
French Scorn
Get Off My Lawn
Guinness Leary
Harmem Electra
Howard M Bruises
Incredible HOAG

Ina Pickle
Ingido Ego
Izzy Insane
JK Growlrink
Jager to Pleez
Joni Missile
Lil Miz Perfect
Lippy Hardsocking
Little Bit Wicked
Lola Piranha
London Mauling
Luckie Charm
Mad T. Maul
Madd Villain
Milf N Cookies
Motley Kruel T
Noe Scape
Olive Turmoyl
Original Cyn
Pearl HarmHer
Phatboy Slam
Pyscho B
Pinky Glee
Pole Position
Punkin Disorderly
Purgin Mary
R2 Zissou

Ref Leppard
Requiem for a Scream
Rev Joe
Rivers Coma
Robyn G. Spotz
Rogue Amazon
Rojo Rampage
Roxy Ramjett
Sally Slaughter
Schnott Nose Kid
Severea S. Mack
Sinister Minister
Slam Raimi
Slammy Lou
Slim Crazy
Sookie Smackhouse
Sweet TNT
Triple Xpressho
Undead Redhead
Val Killmoore
Vahallback Girl
Vanilla Rice
Vin Lethal
Voodoo Lily
Vulcan Ridiculous
Whimsy Kill
Whistlin Dixie


Missing Anyone? Let Us Know!


Tragic City would like to give the utmost respect to our skaters long gone and we could always use assistance in finding those who paved the way for TCR today!