Wrecking Ball
First Appearance
Birmingham, AL
Corporate Trainer- Chicken Salad Chick
Favorite Food
Breakfast over everything!

About Ballsy...

Why did you start roller derby?

I needed to do something for myself for once. After I had seen my first bout back in 2006, I decided this is what I needed. I am so happy I have chosen this life. The derby community is the best group of people I've ever come to know!

Favorite roller derby memory?

Bonding and learning how to skate properly with my newbie class. My Blizzard family has been so uplifting and encouraging. I love them.

What about a most embarrassing derby memory?

My first bout, Hot Quads vs. Rollsheviks. I felt my for and stance was awful. I hate watching the footage. So embarrassing.

When was that first bout?

August 20th, 2016- Hot Quads vs. Rollsheviks

What can we find you doing when not on skates?

Arts and crafts, trivia, puzzle building, and cuddling.

And what 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Joey Tribbiani, Mad Hatter, Ferris Bueller

What about albums or songs?

many, many, many favorites!

So what are some of your favorite movies?

The Runaways, Suckerpunch, Across the Universe, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, etc

Where would we find you Birmingham when not on the track?

Saturn, Paramount, Railroad Park, etc.