Wee Woo
Eufaula, Alabama
First Appearance
Outreach Coordinator for a local nonprofit
Derby Spouse
Windy Torrance
Favorite Food
PASTA (any kind)

About Woo...

Why did you start roller derby?

Hmm, good question. I had recently moved to Birmingham and needed to make some friends and find a way to stay active. Prior to derby, I mostly just worked every day and hung out with my cat, Luna (have I convinced you that I'm super cool yet?). I'm may be the least competitive person ever but I love team sports and derby looked interesting. I'm also a huge fan of girl power and bruises. I started because I wanted to try something that put me completely outside of my comfort zone and to be around a group of strong women. I love environments where women uplift one another and all of the other cheesy feel good stuff and derby encompassed all of that for me!

What other sports did you play?

I grew up playing soccer and on the swim team.

Tell us your favorite derby memory

Getting to know the girls that were a part of my recruitment class as we learned derby.

And the most embarassing?

I was trying to do a hopping transition and land on my toe stops and somehow fell on my chin.

Tell us some of your top bands

Coldplay, Ingrid Michaelson, Gregory Alan Isakov

And some of your favorite movies?

The Goonies, Harry Potter, pretty much any bad horror movie

And now a book or author that you reacently read?

America's Original Sin

What are some charities you've supported or became involved?

Women for Women International; Wildhearts: Micro-Tyco

Where can we find you when not on the track in Birmingham?

Red Mountain Park

All in all, what 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Eliza Thornberry, Linda Belcher, Nick Miller