Occupation:Third grade teacher

First Appearance:May 2017


About Rumble:

How did you get into Roller Derby?

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson was a part of the 2017 March Book Madness. I fell in love with a sport I'd thought to have died out with roller disco. That lead attending the TCR vs. Druid City Dames bout which lead to recruitment and here we are!

What is your best roller derby memory?

Making new friends. I love my derby girls and the Violet Offenders!

What is your most embarrassing roller derby memory?

Oh, is there a time when falling on my tail becomes less embarrassing? Haven't made it to that point yet ;)

What was your first bout like?

Rollsheviks vs. Hot Quads happening later today. Go Rolls! I have the nervous poops.

What are some of your other hobbies?

Embroidery, reading, anything outdoors. Playing with my pups, Fiona and Sevro.

Who are some of your personal Heroes

Victoria Jamieson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and my mom

What 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Gene Belcher, Liz Lemon, and Lily Aldrin

What charities or organization(s) are you involved with or support?

Girls Rock Birmingham

Where do you like to hang out in Birmingham when you are not skating?

I live in Tuscaloosa so I'm not often in Birmingham outside of the skating rink but when I do head north its for Pepper Place market, lunch at Rojos, and a look around Seasick Records.





Avett Brothers, Penny & Sparrow


For a good cry: Life is Beautiful. For a good laugh: Dodgeball. For raging patriotism: Hamilton


ALL THE BOOKS... I can't choose "Outside of a dog, books are a man's best friend. Inside of a dog its too dark to read."

TV Show/Podcast:

TV: The Office, GLOW, Stranger Things, Bob's Burgers Podcasts: Every Little Thing, S-Town, Serial, Crimetown, Mortified, Stuff You Should Know, Everything You Missed in History Class