Hometown:Douglas, Al

Occupation:PE Teacher

First Appearance:2011

Derby Fiance:Claw and Order

About Rach...

What brought you to roller derby?

I was spoiled in college by being on a team, having the best friends and also staying in shape because of both. So years later, after my daughter was born, my husband actually found derby for me. I'm once again spoiled. I tell anyone I meet to give derby a try because it is so rewarding. Some of our best players were never athletes or had ever skated so no excuses!

What sports can we find you watching if not derby?

Love watching gymnastics and the Olympics

What's your favorite play?

I have yet to see a play or musical that wasn't great

Where is one of your favorite places in Birmingham?

Railroad Park is a favorite spot because it's a free place for people to gather and play. Aaaand it's skatable.

Favorite roller derby memory?

Playing Norway with my team! Closest feeling I'll ever get to being in the Olympics. I've also traveled overseas for fun, practiced and stayed with with other derby girls.

Prefer jamming or blocking?

Jammer! I like to block but mostly told to go jam out

What is something you love to do besides derby?

TRAVEL! If I haven't been there, it's on my list.

Where would you go?

Anywhere in Austria