Occupation:Display Artist for Urban Outfitters

First Appearance:2017

Hometown:Birmingham, Al

About RIP:

How did you get into Roller Derby?

I grew up roller skating and I've always loved it. Derby just seemed like an obvious choice.

What is you best roller derby memory?

Skating in my first bout and winning!

Most embarrassing derby moment?

Wearing my wrist guards backwards when I was a brand new newbie.

What was your first bout like?

My first bout was a home game against Montgomery. We won 207-123! It was so exhilarating. I've never experienced anything like it and I can't wait to do it again!

What are some of your other hobbies?

Sewing, crafting with my daughter, rearranging furniture, building things out of wood

Who are some of your personal Heroes

Mary Lou Retton, Loretta Lynn

What 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Lindsay Weir (Freaks and Geeks), Sabrina Davis (Dazed and Confused), and my husband says Amelia Bedelia

What charities or organization(s) are you involved with or support?

Addiction Prevention Coalition - End Heroin Birmingham

Where do you like to hang out in Birmingham when you are not skating?

Saturn, Iron City, Rojo





This is always changing. I love vocal harmony and a good bass line. Deer Tick, Blitzen Trapper, the Band


The Parent Trap original


Lord of the Rings, Possum Come a Knockin'

TV Show/Podcast:

The Moth, Fresh Air, Ear Hustle, This American Life, TED Radio Hour, Seinfeld