Occupation:Director of Web and Multimedia

First Appearance:2015

Favorite Movie?Blade Runner

Dinner for Crows?Chicken Spaghetti

Favorite Band? Nirvana

Your Songs? Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson

Favorite Author? Philip K. Dick

Why did you start roller derby?

My wife and I were hooked on derby from the very first bout. It was just so different and exciting--we both wanted to be a part of it. She joined the team as a skater at the next recruitment, and I followed her as a ref shortly afterward.

Best/Favorite roller derby memory?

Watching my wife skate in her first bout

My first bout was...

jammer reffing with a short ref crew. I was terrified, but nobody died

Most embarrassing roller derby memory?

Falling down with no provocation.

Besides the obvious, name some of your other hobbies

Writing, kayaking, playing video games

If I weren't in Birmingham, I'd be...

Tennessee maybe

Gear of choice?

Riedell skates, Triple 8 pads, S1 helmet, Smith wrist guards, wheels: Atom Low Boys or Jukes.