Lattitude Problem
First Appearance
Florence, AL
Geographic Information Systems Analyst (computer maps)

About LP...

Why did you start roller derby?

Roller Derby had always appealed to me because of the athleticism and uniqueness of the sport. When I moved to Birmingham I thought it would be a great way to meet people and stay in shape. It has since been all of that and so much more! I went out for recruitment in January 2016 and the rest is history!

Besides the obvious, what are some of your other hobbies?

Hanging out with Carl (my cat), reading, binge watching TV/listening to podcats, camping and anything outdoors.

What 3 Fictional Characters Best Describe You?

Abbi Jacobson, Peggy Olson, and Hermione Granger

Name some of your personal heroes!

My mom!

If I weren't in Birmingham, I'd be...

In Florence, Al (I love my hometown!)

Foods or meal?

My moms chicken and poppy seed casserole, Hot n Spicy Cheese It's (it counts as a meal if you eat a whole box to yourself right?), pizza, cheesecake, milk steak...

Bands and Artists?

Murder by Death, Brand New, Arctic Monkeys, QOTSA, Elliott Smith, Miike Snow, Purity Ring, The xx, Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels, Beyonce, etc.

Movies and Plays?

Harry Potter!

Books and Poems?

Harry Potter, The Poisonwood Bible, Slaughterhouse-Five, A Clockwork Orange, White Teeth, Lord of the Flies, Ready Player One.

Charity and Organization(s)?

Girls Rock Birmingham, Central Alabama Food Bank, McWane Science Center, Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Place(s) in Birmingham?

Railroad Park / Jones Valley Trail (to skate), Red Mountain Park (to run), Saturn (to hang), Blue Pacific (to eat delicious Pad Thai mmmmm)