Lana del Slay
First Appearance
Birmingham, AL

About Slay...

Why did you start roller derby?
To become empowered and make some great friends.
Favorite roller derby memory?
The first jam I ever played was last season in Atlanta. It was a complete and total rush and I was completely addicted from that moment.
Most embarrassing roller derby memory?
How can you choose? Probably every time I wipe out and it never fails that someone is watching.
My first bout was...
Vs Atlanta roller girls C team. (We won!)
What music gets you going?
Old school rock / indie pop / ATL rap
What movies, plays or actors always grab your attention?
Meryl Streep - legendary badass
What charity or organizations have your heart?
Girls Rock!
Where will we find you in Birmingham when not on the track?
Railroad Park for outdoor skating, Martys for a party melt & show, Saturn for karaoke or Forecast Salon where I work.
What 3 Fictional Characters Best Describe You?
Dory, Rizzo & Sam (Now & Then)
Name some of your personal heroes or idols
My sisters Lindsey & Shannon.