Kranky Yankee
First Appearance
Muskegon Michigan
Loan Officer

About Krank...

Why did you start roller derby?
Roller derby is a great outlet for me. It helps me cope with stress and frustration. There is nothing better than putting your skates on and just forgetting about everything for awhile.
What other teams do you root for?
Detroit Tigers and Detroit Redwings
Tell us some of the charities that hold a place in your heart
Shelby Humane Society
Care to share any other hobbies?
My life revolves around my dogs and my husband.
What 3 fictional characters best desccribe you?
Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, April Ludgate from Parks and Rec, and Marceline from Adventure Time.
If I weren't in Birmingham, I'd be...
If I weren't in Birmingham, I'd be freezing to death 90% of the time in Michigan still.