Occupation:Personal Fitness Trainer

First Appearance:2015


Derby Spouse:Kiss My Ashes (No Longer w/Derby, But Never Forgotten)

About Tia:

How did you get into Roller Derby?

I wanted a team sport to play for cardio. There were local ones except for derby. Didn’t know how to skate, learned and stayed for the camaraderie.

What is your best roller derby memory?

Making the All Star team

What is your most embarrassing roller derby memory?

I once got 3 penalties in one jam. A jam only lasts 2 minutes, and a penalty is 30 seconds each. That was fun.

What was your first bout like?

I sucked. But at least I didn’t get three penalties in one jam.

What are some of your other hobbies?

Lifting, Eating, Occasional Bachata, and....Guitar

Who are some of your personal Heroes

My mom, dad, and my sister.....And Wonder Woman.

What 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and Princess of Themyscira.

What charities or organization(s) are you involved with or support?

Red Cross, United Way, Hands on Birmingham

Where do you like to hang out in Birmingham when you are not skating?






Workout Music (All Genres)


Wonder Woman


Did Wonder Woman write a book?

TV Show/Podcast:

I do like some YouTubers/Instagrammers for fitness motivation

More about Tia:

I love progress and am terrified of failure. It makes me wary of trying new things. But my constant goal is to force myself to work against that tendency.