Halley Lose Ya
First Appearance
Valley, AL
Physical Therapist Assistant

About Halley...

Why did you start roller derby?
After graduating from college, I traveled the world as a missionary for a year. During the plane ride home, I watched the movie Whip It. I decided I needed a new hobby for my new adventure into adulthood, and derby was the perfect fit.
Favorite roller derby memory?
Listening to Broadway musicals with teammates to get pumped up before bouts. Hardcore, I know.
Most embarrassing roller derby memory?
Colliding (hard) with a ref at a big tournament.
My first bout was...
in February of 2011. I wasn't expecting to make the roster because I had only recently started skating with TCR. I was terrified but somehow survived.
Tell us some of the charities that hold a place in your heart
Trinity United Methodist Church, Central AL Emmaus and Chrysalis
Where can we find you in Birmingham when not on the track?
Steel City Pops
Favorite food or meal?
Sushi, ice-cream, caramel
What other sports team(s) do you root for?
Alright, now what movies are your top picks?
Ghost, The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Tell us about the music, bands, artists or songs that get you going!
All Sons and Daughters, Andrew Peterson, Needtobreathe.
Care to share any other hobbies?
Playing guitar and keyboard in the church band, befriending any and every animal I see, napping, photography
Who are some of your heroes?
Mother Teresa, Rich Mullins, and my grandmother
Putting this all together, what 3 fictional characters best desccribe you?
Buddy the Elf, Adrian Monk, and Matilda