Get tickets to see the Tragic City Rollers and the Iron City Maidens in every home bout of the season! 


Every 2018 home bout is a double header! Two bouts for the price of one!

Get season tickets now and save up to $25.00 on the 2018 season! 


Home Bout Season Schedule 

the first recruitment of 2018 has been announced!! 


TCR is excited to announce Magic City Acceptance Center as our 2018 Sally Slaughter Memorial Charity Partner for our 2018 season!



We will be accepting donation items for MCAC at all of our home bouts this season. 

Collection items include: 


  • Canned soda (Dr.Pepper, Coke, Mountain Dew are the favorites)
  • Bottled Water
  • Juice boxes/small bottles
  • Poptarts, Ramen, microwaveable soups, Macaroni and Cheese instant "meals"
  • Lunch-sized snacks like chips, gummies, fruit roll ups, etc
  • Candy, Little Debbie Cakes... the more sugar, the better!
  • Dominos gift cards


  • Glitter and Art Supplies
  • Stickers, especially the rhinestone kind
  • Makeup
  • Lush or self-care bath and body products

Visit our charity page to learn more about the Sally Slaughter Charity Partner initiative and Magic City Acceptance Center 



We love you and miss you. 

Teneisha "Dame Cobain" Jones