Occupation:Graphic Designer

First Appearance:February 2017

Hometown:Memphis, Tennessee

Derby Spouse:No one yet!

About DMoe:

How did you get into Roller Derby?

I competitively roller figure skated as a child (yes that's a thing), and since stopping, I had missed skating like crazy. I was always wanting to go skating, but no one I knew was super interested. One night I was scrolling Facebook, and I saw a photo of TCR's latest bout. Immediately curious, I got into the rabbit hole of research. I had NO idea what roller derby was, but I was determined to figure it out.. Then I saw that recruitment was happening that week, and basically dove in head first, not looking back. It was one of my best decisions ever. I love it. I love this team, and I love this sport.

What is your best roller derby memory?

Probably the first jam of my first bout. I was so, so nervous. But that melted away when the first whistle blew, and it was so. much. fun.

What is your most embarrassing roller derby memory?

I haven't had anything truly mortifying yet, but I know it's coming. And now that I've said that.. any day now.

What was your first bout like?

I was extraordinarily nervous. I had just been skating for about 2.5 months, and I didn't know if I was ready, but... there I was on the roster. I don't remember much about that bout, but I remember loving pretty much every second of it once it started. I felt so proud and excited to be a part of this team. I'll never forget the remarks of encouragement from my teammates - that meant more than they will ever know.

What are some of your other hobbies?

Reading.. Usually Harry Potter tbh. And discovering new shows on Netflix. And drinking coffee. And trying to not kill my cat.

Who are some of your personal Heroes

Anyone who dives into their dreams with confidence and a plan

What 3 fictional characters best describe you?

Lily Aldrin (HIMYM), Baby Groot, & Pam Beesly (The Office)

What charities or organization(s) are you involved with or support?

The Foundry and Girls Rock!

Where do you like to hang out in Birmingham when you are not skating?

I mostly hang out at my friends' houses!



Macaroni & Cheese... even though I'm semi-lactose intolerant. Worth it.


Ben Rector, Ben Howard, Phoenix


Elizabethtown (You either love it or hate it. I choose love.)


JK Rowling and anything Harry Potter

TV Show/Podcast:

So You Think You Can Dance, or basically any Shondaland show