Occupation:Injury Claims Adjuster

First Appearance:2014

Favorite Team:GOTHAM!

Favorite Books:Harry Potter series

Favorite Food:bacon cheese burger

About Doc...

Why did you start roller derby?

I was going through a rough time and just needed to do something different, something for me. So I decided to see if we had a roller derby team in Birmingham and it turned out that in the next few weeks they were having open recruitment. It was fate!

Most embarrassing roller derby memory?

When my skate broke in the middle of a jam!

My first bout was...

a B team game against Hardknox B team which was mostly Allstars players

Would you rather jam, block or pivot?

started as jammer but i have blocked more recently

Tell us about some of your other hobbies

cross stitching

And who is your hero?

my mother :)