Cut Throat Catt
First Appearance
Hoover, AL

About Catt...

Why did you start roller derby?
I needed to loose weight and meet people. I always look for something new to do and challenge myself.
Block Jammer, Pivot?
What was your favorite derby moment?
When I finally was able to skate like the wind.
What was your most embarrassing derby moment?
When you fall from a standing position.
My first bout was...
Exciting and scary. Witnessed my first derby ankle injury (my own teammates)
Favorite food or meal?
Pizza, All you can eat buffets!!
Tell us some of the charities that hold a place in your heart
Childrens cancer research/foundation
What is a song that gets you going?
Lose Yourself!!
Name some of your heroes!
My father (Robert DeSantis), Noah Galloway and All my derby girlfriends (they always have my back).
What's your favorite off season sport?
I love ice hockey in the off season.
Where can we find you in Birmingham when not on the track?
Iron Tribe 150
Putting this all together, what 3 fictional characters best desccribe you?
Mary Poppins, Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean), Debra Barone (Everybody loves Raymond)