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About Claw...

Why did you start roller derby?

Loved skating. Just wanted to skate.

Best/Favorite roller derby memory?

Really so many! Carpool sing-a-longs, favorite places to eat as we travel to away bouts, traditions we have made, making new friends, all the tournaments (but especially World Cup!) and getting to be more involved with my community here at home! But probably what I am most proud of currently is getting to play derby in France this past November! It was a real honor to play with such talented ladies (most of whom play for their country's all-star league).

Most embarrassing roller derby memory?

Also, really so many! Probably one of the most embarrassing is in my first international game ever. Let's just say a girl from Norway (that I thought I was about to lay out) put me on back. It's not really that bad, but it was on live feed for the world to see and can still be found on youtube, with announcer commentary. Can't help but laugh when I see it!

My first bout was...

Was against Dixie Derby Girls. One of my favorite (humbling) photo comes from that game.

Jammer, blocker, pivot?

Like to play them all!

Name some of your personal heroes!

There are a lot of strong role models currently and in history I admire (and could list!), but I am continually impressed by the everyday heroes I see in this community. And I am so lucky to call some of them my family, friends, and teammates! It is a very rare thing for any one person to achieve greatness on their own.

Charity or Organization(s)?

Being with TCR I have gotten to work with so many wonderful organizations! This year I am very excited to work with Girls Rock Birmingham!

If I weren't in Birmingham, I'd be...

The list is long and I'm still discovering places! But probably somewhere in Europe.